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A reliable partner for you in the area of renewable energy (EE) !

Looking for a reliable supplier of materials in the RES sector as PV modules, inverters, substructure and cable or look better for a reliable partner in the detailed planning, delivery and construction of e- stations (e-mobility)? Then we are exactly your right partner for you!

For many years we have been supplying both the retail trade as well as individual corporate customers for self-construction of PV parks, with highly reliable PV modules, inverters (inverters), base and cables of all types.

The past 10 years have a reputation achieved in the highly competitive global PV market, where we provide a good service, very competitive prices and above all reliable products. This was only possible with our excellent and immediate communication between two service providers, namely well-known manufacturer of PV products, as well as international companies for handling and storage of these products (logistic center). Also on the wishes of our customers, we take over and organize the transport of goods.

Problems with the delivery of the goods always arise. But we are always there to give short-term solutions to everyone’s satisfaction. Our company with its importance cooperates with leading PV manufacturers and nor do we have exclusive contracts with them, based on the exclusive right to distribute their products in our customer base which continues to grow in recent years.complete assembly kit 1,5 – 10KWp. consisting of solar modules 250Wp,inverter, substructure and solar cable.

The goal

We supply international markets with PV modules, inverters, stand, cable and different sizes of energy storage systems, especially in countries with weak infrastructure of the power grids. In this company we have propose a variety of solutions. Either for the rated current of small private and commercial real estate, or for supplying the villages with solar panels and energy storage, so they can be self-sufficient one day. We have almost always the best solution for it!

Quality, availability, reliability and above all trust. These are the most important conditions for a long-term business relationship.

To meet our customers, we offer a smooth delivery of goods via an escrow account (THK), so a law firm office, which guarantees for international solidarity and trust. This ensures that the customer always get everything what he has paid for.

ae kaufmann-naturenergie is more focused its activities in the following areas:

in electricity production from renewable energy sources (RES) by photovoltaic (PV) and small wind turbines.


in the supply of complete plants for the installation of production units of clean energy, in private and commercial buildings.


for the right and sound financial management of each form of energy (net metering / heat pump / LED).


for big business of sustainable mobility for our future by electricity.

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Which has right to exist actually in the future the production and use of electric current from polluting conventional energy sources?

The aim of the energy policy is to minimize the problems caused by the conventional energy environmental, social and health problems and the arising, so far the energy market hardly been priced external costs fully internalize.

Renewable energy and electromobility belong together, because only with clean energy carrying electric vehicles to the sustainable development of a country in.


Photovoltaic systems

Photovoltaic systems

Apart from the acquisition of technological conditions for the utilization of solar energy, solar energy is free and always available.

Wind Systems

Wind Systems

An investment in the field of RES It is a small wind turbines that exploit the wind energy to produce electricity.



The net-metering allows the consumer to cover the entire own consumption, while giving the possibility to save indirect green energy.



The ae kaufmann-naturenergie dealing with sustainable mobility (e-monility). Designs and implements charging stations Motor Driven pallet, which also provides the method of special rental offers helpful advice in the design of individual mobility.

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