Photovoltaic Shelters

PV Carports

Ae kaufmann-naturenergie accepts, the design and installation of metal roofs and the installation of the photovoltaic system on the roof of the garage.

PV carports

With the construction of a protective roof of a parking place, on which we have PV modules placed, we not only ensure the protection of cars, but also have an economic benefit from the produced green electricity.

There is the possibility of such a project as PV car port to install under the net-metering program to enable the use of electricity generated.

For systems in homes or businesses, the payback period of the initial investment of 8 is up to 10 years, depending on the project, the consumption and the location, while in the next few years, this investment can only earn profit.


Installation of PV carports

Ae kaufmann-naturenergie takes over, the design and installation of metal roofs as well as the installation of a PV system on the roof of the garage.

Shadow: The modules mounted directly on the metal frame of the roof provides sufficient shade, when the distance between the modules may be about 2 cm.

Roof: In order to achieve the tightness of the roof and a better thermal insulation, can polyurethane insulation boards are placed on the roof and on top of it can be installed, the PV system.

Alternatively, there are special PV modules with sealing system, when they are placed side by side, you can use it to construct a waterproof photovoltaic roof.

Avoid exposure of the local environment

cheaper kWh

The ``fuel`` is abundant

Noticeably quiet

Simple construction - Maintenance

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